Stella Maris

Welberg, in North Brabant, is a village with 500 houses, 1,100 residents and a monastery named Stella Maris. The monastery is on the edge of town, on a clearly delimited piece of land. As with the rest of diminutive Welberg, the lawn is well-kept and the surroundings impeccably clean. Stella Maris can accommodate 400 guests. Employment agency Goodmorning has renovated the former monastery to create a hotel for migrant workers.

Text by Dore van Duivenbode

Over the cource of five years Geisje van der Linden and Miriam Donkers regulary visited Stella Maris and its residents. Stella Maris is a reflection of contemporary Dutch society, in which these migrant workers play no part. After all the guest workers are necessary, but not necessarily welcome.

In collaboration with Miram Donkers

Stella Maris is published by The Eriskay Connection